Flying to be closer of reality

UAVs allow capture of very high and unequalled resolution images

About us ?

Phytodrone company had been founded by Benoit Filliatre (Agronomic engineer – Computer scientist – Geomatician) in January 2017. Company is based in Paris District but acts in surrounding region and in France or abroad as well.

Acting Domains



Remote sensing and data processing in following scopes

Precision Agriculture

Agricultural plots and In-fields trials sites

Forestry – Environment

Forêts :
Vegetal Indexes : chlorophyll sensing, sick trees.
Height measurement of Canopy or Isolated trees

Environment :
Foreshores follow up, seaweeds population measurement
Vegetal population follow-up on industrial or waste sites …


Stone Pits (Volume calculation and situation reports),
Insurances (Wildfowl damages or Sinisters estimation …) …


We own 3 UAVs models :  Matrice 100 multi-rotors (DJI), one fixed wing drone (being re-defined for now) and Phantom 4 Professionnel (DJI).

Methods and solutions

Purpose is to develop precision agriculture and in a more global way UAVs usage for remote sensing, this includes data processing (photogrammetry) to release agronomic indexes maps or orthomosaics (orthophotos) in scope of agriculture (crops, vineyards, orchards, vegetables…) or in other scopes (stones pits, environment, insurances…).