Methods and solutions


Purpose is to extend the scope of precision agriculture and in a more global way usage of UAVs in remote-sensing industry. This includes data processing (photogrammetry) to release vegetal indexes maps or orthomosaïcs (orthophotos) in agriculture (crops, orchards, vineyards, vegetables…) or in some other domains (environment, stones pits, insurance …).

We manage all steps of global process

  • Flights : with multirotors or fixed wing UAVs
  • Sensing and Measurement : multispectral or RGB sensors
  • Data Processing : with Photoscan, Pix4D, IA software, GISs …
  • Deliverables : Vegetal Indexes Maps, Othomosaics (at micro-plot level in case of agronomic trials) – Cloud files….
Orthomosaic (Images captured by Air City Diagnostics)
Data Surface Model (DSM) images captured by Air City Diagnostics
NDVI on rapeseed (detailed mode)
Wheat : average NDVI / Plot (Border reduction on the right)