Matrice 100 Multirotor

Customizable and open, this quadricopter is designed for developers, professionnals and research. It allows to design a bespoke flight platform by adding further add-ons and develop new functionalites to do missions in a larger scope.

Extension bays system allows to add components, to personalize payload and fly with almost all available extensions : cameras, multispectral or RGB sensors or others in order to manage missions in a very large scope.


Available Sensors : Micasense Edge M, Sequoia , Zenmuse X5, X3 ndvi

Missions S1-S2

Fixed Wing UAV

This Fixed wing UAV allows different sensors (RGB and Multi-Spectral ) as a payload.


Available sensors :  RGB et Multispectral

Missions S2

Le Phantom 4 Professional

This multi-rotors manages automatically the most complex features regarding security and fly stability with a 4k camera and can bring up a professional multispectral sensor : Micasense Edge M.

Missions S1-S2-S3